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Petbrosia All Natural Dog and Cat Food Review and Giveaway

Petbrosia All Natural Dog and Cat Food Review and Giveaway

Petbrosia pet food review giveawayIf you’ve ever visited my site or if you follow any of my social media accounts you have seen my pal, “Kitty Pants”. He’s my shadow so I take way too many pictures of him. He’s a beautiful Bengal and I just can’t help myself. Obviously, I love this little guy so I want to keep him healthy. I was given a ten pound bag of all natural Petbrosia custom cat food for him to try out in exchange for my review.

I decided to give it a try after visiting the Petbrosia site and seeing the cat food comparison chart. The food is made to meet your pets unique needs. I answered a few simple questions on the site about Kitty Pants and they were able to determine exactly what he should be eating. As he gets older or if he has health issues later in life I can update his information and find the new food that better fits his needs.

Petbrosia determines the right diet for your dog or cat based on their breed, age, weight, food allergies, activity level, and other needs you feel should be brought to our attention. At Petbrosia, we believe that feeding your pet the very best dog food and the very best cat food begins with all-natural meats, fruits, and vegetables.

I ordered a ten pound bag and it was delivered very quickly.  You can also order a three, five or twenty pound bag and set up auto-delivery which will give you free shipping.The food comes in a resealable foil bag that I really love because it makes storing it easy and also because Kitty Pants can’t tear it open when I’m not paying attention to him.


There is a page on the Petbrosia website that explains how to introduce your pet to a new food. After a few days of mixing it with his old food Kitty Pants had no problem switching to the food from Petbrosia. He was actually very interested in the new food when I opened it up. It smells a lot stronger than the bengal catfood I usually buy which lured him over to quickly find out what was in the bag.

If you would like to try Petbrosia for your pet you can get $10 off your first purchase by using the promotional code: BRL10

You should also enter my giveaway at the bottom of this post. One winner will be shipped a 3 pound bag of all natural food thats specific to your cat or dogs needs. I do need to let you know that Petbrosia is only able to ship to the lower 48 states. They do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska.


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