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NutriSystem Blogger Week 1 #NSNation

NutriSystem Blogger Week 1 #NSNation

Today is my official start as a Nutrisystem blogger for #NSNation. For the next three months I’ll be blogging about my weight loss experience using NutriSystem and posting updates every week. You can find information if you’re interested in joining here:  I was given everything included in the program in exchange for sharing my experience on Manda Blogs About…

I’m starting the program hoping it will help me lose around thirty pounds. When I started dieting and exercising two years ago I weighed 200 pounds! I’m crazy proud of myself for making so many changes and sticking with them but I’ve plateaued now and I’m really hopeful that Nutrisystem will help me . I have PCOS so I am having so much trouble getting rid of all of the extra weight I carry in my mid-section. I also have a sprained rotator cuff so I have not been able to work out as hard as I want to. Other than physical therapy exercises with 5 pound weights I had to cut out the kettle bell and working out with heavier weights and planks and push ups are out of the question for now. Chase has summer break now so we’ll be jogging a lot to get him ready for football and that’ll take the place of the work outs I have to skip because of my shoulder.

For my first Nutrisystem breakfast I chose a banana nut muffin. This is the kind of stuff I’ve been avoiding while dieting on my own so I was really excited to see the muffins, chocolate, pizza and ice cream that was part of the plan. I can also eat non-starchy vegetables if I’m hungry between meals but the plan includes snacks and desserts so I’m eating six times a day. I also made three different types of tea to drink with meals. You can drink coffee and diet soda if you want to but you need to always drink 8 glasses of water every day no matter what type of diet you’re on.

I’ll be posting weekly updates throughout the next three months.

Banana Nut Muffin Nutrisystem breakfast
Nutrisystem Banana Nut Muffin


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