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First Week of NutriSystem Update #NSNation

First Week of NutriSystem Update #NSNation

It’s the end of my first week of NutriSytem. Last Monday I officially started my NutriSystem plan and when I weighed in this Monday I had lost five pounds! I have to admit that I did stray from the plan on July 4th (I ate a turkey burger with bacon and some french fries which is my 4th of July tradition) and still managed to lose five pounds! My first week I followed the Fast Five plan which is a lot lower in calories than the plan I’ll be following from now on so the only exercise I did was walking for 30 minutes. It was a nice little weight loss jump start from the very beginning. Next week I’ll be eating more calories and doing high intensity work outs.

I feel like I was eating a lot more than usual but I usually skipped breakfast and had an energy drink for lunch then a giant dinner because I was starving from not eating all day! I see now that I was sabotaging my own efforts at losing weight. I also usually avoided carbs and sweet stuff but with my NutriSystem plan I’m eating muffins, ice cream, fettuccine alfredo, and steak and cheese sandwich pockets! The plan teaches you how to eat properly sized portions to control your calorie intake and  balance out meals with fruits and vegetables so that you don’t avoid any food groups and you don’t end up hungry.

The food tastes great and I’m learning how to add spices and veggies to make it taste even better. You can follow me @MandaBlogsAbout on twitter and look for #NSNation to find pictures and tips on how to make the meals taste homemade. As I try more of the food I’ll post more about specific entrees.

NutriSystem Lasagna with Meat Sauce
NutriSystem Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Here’s what dinner looks like. This is the lasagna with meat sauce and a chopped salad with a glass of iced tea.

I just added a little garlic and onion powder, salt, pepper and parsley to freshen up the sauce.

I will continue to update my progress every week and share my menu tweaks and recipes.

You can find information if you’re interested in joining here:  I was given everything included in the program in exchange for sharing my experience on Manda Blogs About…

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