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Finding a Focus for my Blog After a Five Year Break

Finding a Focus for my Blog After a Five Year Break

I came back to the blogosphere a few months ago after taking a break from writing for about five years. When I started blogging Chase was  in elementary school, I stayed home while Grant worked all day and I loved being a mommy blogger because it kept me busy. I received new products to review every day and I would just throw together a blog post about a fun project Chase was working on for school or about all of us having the flu. I was a mommy blogger, I wrote about mom stuff and that was enough. My voice as a blogger was, Manda: The Mommy.

Coming back to blogging  after such a long time was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Chase is a teenager now so I’m not a mommy blogger anymore. I started contacting PR representatives to do product reviews again but there were only a few products I actually had an interest in reviewing.

I’ve struggled with finding the focus for my blog, attempted to start a new blog and tried to figure out where I fit into the world of bloggers now. I changed so much over the years that I wasn’t blogging so I needed the blog to fit who I am now. I dealt with a lot of personal issues and became much more self-aware and effective. I learned how to be mindful and deal with my emotions and anger issues and became emotionally healthy which made it much easier to work on becoming physically healthy.

I realized that I didn’t know what to do with my blog because now I’m more interested in writing a good, meaningful post than telling everyone what I think about a new product for my adorable Mr. Chase Face.  I’m in my senior year of college now so it’s hard for me to just throw together a blog post the way that I used to because I’ve been trying to write A+ essays for the past three years instead of a personal blog.

I love to write and I want the things that I write to be meaningful. I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles and I want to inspire and motivate others to do the same. I’ve gotten healthier, lost weight, created amazing relationships with my husband and my son, taken control of my personal issues, almost finished college and learned the importance of taking care of myself.

To find the focus of my blog, I thought about what I’m passionate about. What I could talk on and on about without getting bored or running out of things to say. I love cooking, writing, blogging, my family, most things internet and of course my good ‘ole southern heritage from being born and raised here in North Carolina. All I needed to do was write that one sentence and it just clicked, that is my blog.

I come from a long line of southern women that always put their family first and spent hours in the kitchen cooking amazing southern style food, soul food, comfort food – call it whatever you want, it was made with love and nobody could do it better. I have a tendency to over complicate things and that is exactly what I was doing  while trying to come up with a purpose for my blog. Through all of those things I can motivate and inspire others while being myself and sharing meaningful and/or helpful blog posts.

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